Company Philosophy:Cooperation and Benefit Sharing

Cooperation and benefit sharing is the foundation of growth. Cooperation and benefit sharing is to create business together and share benefits with employees, shareholders and customers. Employees pay for the growth of the company, shareholders build a platform for the development of the company, and customers create a market for the operation of the company. This is the cornerstone of the company. In the process of company growth, the company insists on motivating employees with reasonable returns, rewarding shareholders with benefits, dedicating customers with quality products, and earnestly fulfilling social responsibilities.

Business growth is the result of cooperation and benefit share

Wai Tat believe that continuous innovation will keep the energy and the growth of the company; harmonious working environment and well corporate culture, company will achieve long-term development; people oriented and benefit sharing can enhance the belonging of employees, customer respect, peer admiration, government support, and social trust. Those are ensuring that the enterprise is evergreen.

Corporate Mission: To be the Pioneer and Leader of Environmentalists

Earth is the home of humanity, and the environment of the world is the basis of our survival and development. ‘Wai Tat’ people care for the earth with sincerity and regard the protection of the environment as the life of the company.

 Wai Tat’ people will adhere to the concept of “non-stop green environmental protection” and adhere to the development path with the concept of resource-saving and environment-friendly. Through innovative technology and effective management, company devote to develop more and better eco-friendly products, realize saving resources, protect the earth and protect the environment.

Corporate Spirit: Non-Stopped Improvement, Continuous Innovation


Non-stopped improvement is to use total quality management method to maintain and enhance the quality of the products, to improve the effective of the management, to increase the productivity of the company, and to grow the development of the company.

Continuous innovation means non-stopped innovation. Through continuous implementation of technical innovation, creative management, company will continue to gain competitive advantage.

Corporate Pursuit : Organized , Detail, Practical, Fast


Organized, Detail and Practical” is concluded experience of Wai Tat to sustaining development and surviving of the company; “fast” is the quick response to the market and customer.


Organized            : Effective management, good team spirit and well implementation.

Detail                   : pay attention to details, think detail, and pursue to quality improvement.

Practical              : To do practical things, and seek practical results.

Fast                       : Quick response to the market change, Quick response to the customer need.

What we believe:Use our effort to earn the Win-Win situation


We are dedicated to creating excellent culture, excellent service, excellent brands, high-quality products, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality, high-value-added products, to fulfill customer needs and maximize customers’ own benefits.

Wai Tat’ has always adhered to the concept of cooperation and win-win, focusing on the realization of customer value, mutual benefit, achieving win-win situation, and growing together with partners.

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